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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. lebanon's prime minister arrives in paris is the french try to mediate the crisis
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in his country. hello welcome to all jazeera live from doha and it's also coming up. russia is wasting our time. a second veto in today's russia block a u.n. resolution which would have extended the investigation into chemical attacks in syria. pressure builds on robert mugabe to quit as tens of thousands of zimbabweans are expected to march in support of the army. climate talks in bone and with progress on technical details but the u.s. pushes back on moves to ban fossil fuel. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has now arrived in paris two weeks after he
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unexpectedly announced his resignation in the saudi capital now he landed at the paris airport in the bush a on saturday morning his resignation in riyadh was on november the fourth in which he said that he feared for his life and he blamed iran for setting tension in the region his two week stay in the saudi kingdom prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest lebanon's president has said he won't accept mr hariri as resignation until he returns to beirut let's talk to our correspondent in beirut now saying the harder this is saad hariri has now landed in paris what are the signs that we're looking for. well yes sagal how do you the landed in paris a short while ago he's now at his residence here arrived there with his wife what we understand is that they were not accompanied by their children two of his children stayed behind in riyadh what we understand the reason behind that is that they have school examinations now that is going to raise
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a lot of questions because some in lebanon will definitely say that one way or another saddle had to do remain some sort of a political hostage really this invitation from the french president for saddle how do you need to visit paris in one way or another and the diplomatic turmoil over saddle how to use fate because many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of holding him and his family hostage and they were demanding that he leaves the country how did he in a tweet just before boarding the plane to paris said actually addressed the tweet to the german foreign minister saying i have to say that i was held up in saudi arabia is not true that is a lie he addressed that tweet to the german foreign minister because there seems to be a diplomatic crisis now between germany and saudi arabia saudi arabia recall and its ambassador from berlin because of those statements so you know in his tweet saudi officials denying that to he you know saying that he is a free man but very few in lebanon believe that is the case but the fact that he is
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now in paris in one way or another solves one crisis the crisis over his well being and his fate but definitely the crisis is not over absolutely because still the lebanese president michel and insists that mr hariri is still his prime minister until such time as he turns up in beirut and submit his resignation according to procedure. yes this is the position in lebannon saddle how did he need to return to lebanon submitters resignation and in person and hold discussions with the president because they believe that he didn't even write his resignation speech that is the feeling here and even the french president said that he will be receiving the prime minister today at the elysee palace as a prime minister because his country does not accept his resignation so what is going to happen next we don't even know if and when heidi will be returning to beirut there have been reports that he is coming to beirut mccrone himself saying
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he might come in days and weeks i mean we were expecting him to arrive in lebanon and days now there is a question that he could be here in weeks there's also reports that he could tour arab capitals before coming to beirut and what happens when he comes to beirut is he going to insist on stepping down or is he going to insist on withdrawing his resignations and attaching conditions to that like hezbollah you know disarming hezbollah disengaging itself from regional conflicts and that is not going to happen easily especially as a saudi demand so the crisis is still not over but saddle had the meeting the french president later today and maybe we will hear some public comments to understand what is happening ok for now thank you very much indeed the harder live in beirut of course will keep us right across all the details of this developing story today the u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria is to be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution which would have extended its mission. more now from our diplomatic
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editor james spays in new york. of the draft resolution containing document slash two thousand and seventeen slash nine seven zero please raise the hand those against. it seems this was the moment that investigations into who carried out chemical attacks in syria ended and eleventh russian veto on the side of the assad government leading to this angry rebuke from the u.s. ambassador in a world in which the council's time and attention could be productively devoted to one hundred different things russia is wasting our time conflicts are raging outlaw states are acquiring nuclear weapons the human dignity of millions is violated every day brutal regimes are using chemical weapons on their own people this was
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russia's reply new war bird linnaeus a medal an extension of the gym's mandate for us is possible only a fundamental flaws in its work are rectified this was probably the last chance to save the international investigation tasked with working out who was responsible for chemical attacks in syria but it follows two rival resolutions both voted on on thursday both of which failed to pass. there been frantic negotiations ever since to save the syrian investigation known as the joint investigation mechanism or in un speak the gym most of the victims be said absolutely to be frank i don't think so. but i'm much so that the gym is dead. i think it was that yesterday all the u.n. officials including the secretary general have been following the negotiations closely the secretary general kimmitt jim be saved. trying to solve the problem.
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they failed and although some are calling for further negotiations many diplomats believe that the investigation mechanism created by the security council has now effectively come to an end there are implications for the wider fight against weapons of mass destruction and possible repercussions for the political talks on syria due to start in geneva in just over a week james zero at the united nations our let's go live now to some of interviewed our correspondent who's in gaziantep that's on the turkey syria border anderson or a bad tempered security council session leading to the end effectively of this mechanism what does it actually mean for syrians. well syrians who we've been speaking to say that it doesn't mean much at all they say this joint investigative mechanism has been in place since two thousand and
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fifteen not just once but multiple times the assad government has been found responsible for carrying out these attacks but the international community has done nothing according to activists i spoke to last night they were joking about more than eighty airstrikes which hit just the router neighborhood in the last twenty four hours they were saying that maybe the russian pilots are celebrating their win at the u.n. in the hooter because they know they are going to be no repercussions and these are conventional weapons that they've been using and we have to make a distinction and that's been the frustrating part for many of syrians including the syrian opposition who say that yes the world community goes up against these chemical weapons but what about the conventional weapons what about the weapons that are being used to wipe out neighborhoods of residential areas indiscriminately and with impunity so there is a lot of frustration and anger about not just this resolution but syrians hold the united states and the world community equally responsible activists that we've been
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speaking to say that they it's if the russian pilots are dropping these bombs as the syrian are pulling the trigger the united states and the rest of the entire world community which remained silent and does nothing about the the process is equally complicit as i binge of aid live in gas and thank you. zimbabwe's ruling party and war veterans are set to hold a major demonstration against president mugabe zanu p.f. supporters have been boarding buses in the southern city of bull away and they are heading for the capital harare president mugabe is fast losing support days after the army seize control zanu p.f. is called for him to step down and his wife grace to resign from the party along friday ninety three year old mccarthy made his first public appearance since being put under house. arrest two days earlier horan the tosser reports from the zimbabwean capital. calls for president robert mugabe to step down are growing
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louder he was seen for the first time in public on friday days after the army seized control and confined him to private residence in harare the people who helped him stay in power for nearly forty years the woman turns have called for an anti mugabe rally on saturday because of the sordid record. in the plunder. madness of his wife would become in prison. is a problem people. we don't want to be responsible for. but what you're saying is we listen to their message when we want to. organise the money moving the war veterans are important in the countries power structure this is a leader and his wife grace have gone to the firing of former vice president. and his
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supporters and get them there making it clear grace and affection called g forty in the rulings on it or never be in power the first lady was at the graduation ceremony will be kept thousands of graduates if the plan is to carefully manage president exit is historic transition of power in the process. has led zimbabwe since one thousand nine hundred eighty people are still stunned the army stepped in. right now to make sure that. we could live a turning point if you know. just when the president mugabe. step down in a dignified way to step down my. way that is not destructive the way that he is not because of. southern african leaders plan to hold an emergency summit on zimbabwe for now one thing is clear the ninety three year old mugabe is losing
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friends the war veterans who put him in power are now the ones who want to go on how to monetize al-jazeera how to now the rougher border crossing from into egypt has been reopened it's been completely sealed since august now it's meant to open indefinitely later as part of a palestinian reconciliation reconciliation deal that was brokered by egypt let's cross live to ramallah in the occupied west bank malcolm where is our correspondent there what will this opening albeit temporarily of the rafa crossing mean for the people of gaza living a great deal for the people of gaza are in this is a crossing that is the main way in and out of the gaza strip and it's been closed for most of the time for the last ten years ever since israel and egypt formed the blockade on the gaza strip and is actually due to be open permanently any day now following a reconciliation process between palestine's two main political parties and run
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mass transit platter and hamas hamas is controlled the west bank for many years and fatah representing so far to the represent of the west bank for many years and hamas who's controlled the gaza strip they've recently been brought together by a in a reconciliation process brokered by egypt and one of the terms of that is that the rafa crossing will reopen that was expected last week it's been delayed but egypt said there will be a temporary opening today this will only last for three days but this will be a massive rest bite for people in gaza who need to cross the others in egypt who need to come home michael ware that live from ramallah on the opening of the rafa crossing thank you. now to come here and there including the philippine president makes a dramatic policy change in his controversial war on drugs and a multi-million dollar museum in washington that's meant to bring people together
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actually called division instead. of the rain in greece hasn't disappeared but the intensity of all these showers is slowly dropping this is been working around for about two days drifting slowly eastwards that's what the satellite did see to have put it out on top of the overnight the rain has spread both west and east which means the center of the circulation has become a lot more dispersed now and this is the picture for saturday raining that's the less so but not entirely away from greece rather less so in southern italy to rest of europe is looking cloudy in places cold still a rainbow running through the low countries and starting more or less at london but then example of that and it's a northerly breeze but not particularly cold particular if you stand in the
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sunshine now there is of course enough cold here that if you want to produce some snow in charge of the alps that certainly happened otherwise the area of weather which might be cold enough to snow is really on the edge of you have takes you up through into moscow maybe two to sweden so this circulation then it's slowly weakening disappearing eastwards are a few showers around like inside in the gulf to see it so for libya maybe touching the across the island of crete by the time we get to sunday it's still breezy but there are far far fewer sharon's.
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yes. conference here at al-jazeera to have a look at the top stories lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has arrived in paris two weeks after he unexpectedly announced his resignation in the saudi capital his two week stay in saudi arabia prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria has now been disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mandate the move blocked
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a japanese effort to have the inquiry push on for another thirty days the team is looking into attacks like the one in conscious in a. zimbabwe. set to hold a major demonstration against the president robert mugabe's supporters have come from across the country the president has forces in support days after the army seize control. of the u.n. climate talks in the german city of bone have ended with almost two hundred countries agreeing to keep the paris agreement on track and that of course is despite the u.s. pulling out and to make sure that they keep their commitment delegates agreed to start a process which would review and ramp up their efforts to cut carbon. from bone. long into the ninety's and in this wrangling over the financial elements of the text twenty the u.n. climate conference comes to
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a close i'm very pleased. this isn't the braunches dialogue which will start in generally twenty eighteen under the fijian presidency the spirit of these talks has been upbeat and the paris agreement it seems is on track so i think that we're in a very good place twenty eighteen is the year to. climate action and i think what we have here set on a good road ahead that's a lot of homework to do it's not easy but i think we will and decisiveness governments governments cities states private sector to move. so progress but is it enough for those most immediately threatened by climate change not enough is being done it's certainly not enough for the survival of the pacific and there needs to be increased ambition there needs to be a greater responsibility taken by developed countries they need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and they need to move towards
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a safe and just transition to renewable energy. keeping fossil fuels in the ground was always on the agenda in and outside the conference wholes german coal phase out from angela merkel but the u.k. and canada launched an alliance of twenty nations to wind down coal use meanwhile a delegation sent by the trumpet ministration to promote culp got a predictable welcome. as a coalition of us states and cities stepped into the void to say we're still in the paris agreement. it doesn't matter how much. we think it's really fingers you really cannot stop you cannot stop me from my room reducing. so this conference has delivered what it set out to do and created a mechanism to move the paris agreement forward to say called telenet a dialogue before the conference a president putin and a year from now is clearly plenty of work today. next stop is the french capital
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where in december president micro will host a special summit looking specifically at climate finance the paris agreement rolls on. al-jazeera ball in germany. all right let's speak to erik solheim now who's executive director of the united nations environment program you net and he's going to talk to us live now from nairobi via skype thank you for talking just now bone had the task really of translating that conceptual success of paris into a practical playbook if you like for how to move forward and it seems to have succeeded actually i think it was very interesting i mean everything else this was the first convention of the part. of the president from the united states out of the convention or. of the nation two hundred of the nations this. from the united states private sector companies like microsoft
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very important promises china in their eyes not basically in the lead on the. revolution going. into solar and being. very core united kingdom come about no instructor. called so there was the really interesting results well that is the fundamental issue isn't it basically the developing world. up against the developed world those who have done the most polluting and those who are feeling the effects of it that is the chasm that has to be bridged isn't it they getting any closer to finding the way by which they can move forward together on this. this is very different from just a few years back because none of the looking. i mean this sign i'm not in there and some other developing nation this early in the evolution going to solar this is
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because due to the fact that the prices come down so fast three years but cord was much cheaper than solar and then that because of the huge market in china only and some other developing nations the process. is now the same as the price of solar makes it possible for. i'm developing nation to move into the renewables much faster than this or that but what about the financing because of course the green found as it's known is one of the biggest and the most contentious issues the developed world who are the biggest polluters have been shall we say reluctant to fulfill their obligations which would allow the developing world to to adapt to the new world order. absolutely and because. the fates are extremely uncertain in somalia are we not polluting the atmosphere or has that darts. literally have been. coming from them or at least.
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the hurricanes that. we've been so so so so those who are not. pollution of those suffering the most and that's why we need more finances from the developed were to. sort out for us that's even if this is all true the more the most important news developing those is that they will not take their lead prices. in the. fourth. quarter it is also a very bad set of all right but now thank you very much indeed erik solheim interesting that the next big meeting will be poland of course a very big coal use about thank you very much indeed for now. thank you now the philippines president rodrigo detach he has made a dramatic policy change in his battle against drug gangs he's ordered local police
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units to stand down and the drug enforcement agency to take over rights groups have been criticizing detainees crackdown on drugs saying it's called thousands of deaths by the authorities and vigilantes to me a report from manila president or three go to terror to so-called warn jugs has been at the center of police operations since it took office more than a year ago. but the police have faced mounting criticism and accusations of rampant corruption and human rights abuses now there is a major shift in the campaign letter to has ordered all the police drug enforcement units to be disbanded and the philippine drug enforcement agency to take the lead in anti illegal drugs operations. in the capital manila police officers are heading out to set up roadblocks their aim now they say is to cut down on street crime.
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we could see that. this may seem. now at the center of many. according to government statistics. on motorcycles. murders and tests carried out by gunmen on motorcycles have become all too frequent police say gunmen on motorbikes are not only threatening public safety but the police officers own reputation because of claims they are the ones on the border shooting civilians public trust in the police has been affected a survey shows a majority of filipinos don't believe the police acted in self defense when they
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killed. and president says corruption within the police force is also right and the top priority is now for the force to clean up its own ranks purge to get rid of officers involved in extortion illegal drugs protection and other irregularities one of the reasons why. crimes are not is because. they don't. trust. everything and. then i think anything more any observation any information that people would see unusual in their communities they would immediately come. and talk to us about the police remains high and they still have the support of the president but many here believe radical reforms are needed and needed soon.
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now the much anticipated museum of the bible is out physically i think in washington d.c. christian and jewish clerics what present for the debut of the five hundred million dollar museum organizers say it takes an inclusive look up one of the most important books ever written she have a ton takes it toward. the half a billion dollars for the imposing museum of the bible was provided by steven green a hardline christian fundamentalist he successfully challenged a provision of obamacare that required employers to offer birth control to their employees as part of their health insurance despite green's religious views though those at the museum's launch were adamant we are respectful and invite them on we do not choose one tradition over another opinion is divided as to whether that is the case the curators argued that they were able to dilute their benefactors initial wish only to evangelize his christian beliefs and to be more inclusive of
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catholicism and judaism for example there are still omissions there here in the impact of the bible in the world gallery their addresses adorned with crosses but there's no mention of the bible's relationship with other religions like islam for example eventually we were able to find mention of the biblical connection between the two faiths and this is if this is it it's the smallest of. biblical scholars say this fits the museum's main narrative the bible is almost identical in their mind essentially american protestantism so as they look at the history of the bible they look at it as judaism first then catholicism and now with sort of no recognition that there were other things. there's anything. it's not as if the museum is just a few blocks away on washington d.c.'s national mall also have singular narratives the smithsonian's museums here deliver
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a message of american. exceptionalism and manifest destiny even the recently opened national museum of african-american history designed to fill in some of the more glaring gaps in the smithsonian's narrative has been accused of black triumphalism presenting the black experience in the us as a constant march forward to contemporary emancipation the influence of corporations and billionaires on these narratives is also evident most notoriously at the natural history museum where a gallery on human development that happens to be sponsored by a fossil fuel billionaire suggests climate change is simply an opportunity for humans to evolve and improve so the museum of the bible provides just one more lavishly presented narrative among washington d.c. is renowned museums to be interpreted critically and not necessarily literally she had. washington.
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take a look at the top stories here are eleven and try miss out her areas arrived in paris with his wife two weeks after unexpectedly announcing his read resignation in the saudi capital his prolonged stay in the saudi kingdom prompted suggestions that he was under house arrest and a honda has more from beirut. what we understand is that they were not accompanied by their children two of his children stayed behind in riyadh what we understand the reason behind that is that they have school examinations now that is going to raise a lot of questions because some in lebanon will definitely say that one way or another saddle had to do remain some sort of a political hostage. well meanwhile saudi arabia has recalled its ambassador to berlin in protest over comments made by the german foreign minister signaled gabriel suggested saad hariri had been held against his will in riyadh he also
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called for lebanon's neighbors including saudi arabia to let lebanon decide its own fate saudi state media says the statements were unfortunate and done justified mr hariri himself tweeted a few hours ago saying gabriel's comments were a lie and that he was on his way to the airfield a u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria will be disbanded after russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mission the move blocked a japanese effort to have the inquiry push on for another thirty days the team is looking into attacks like that in. in april zimbabwe's ruling party a more veterans are set to hold a major demonstration against president mugabe the president is fasteners in support days after the army seize power after being completely sealed off since august the rougher border crossing from girls or into egypt is now reopened only temporarily the router is meant to open indefinitely later as part of
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a palin's palestinian reconciliation deal that was brokered by egypt the argentine navy is searching for a missing submarine with forty four sailors on board the other son one german built submarine was lost in contact on wednesday those are the headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. on counting the cost of venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for starving people lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans. point counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. dissolved by cambodia's top court the main opposition party is urging world powers to cut ties with longtime leader would send but china is standing firmly behind it so what's behind cambodia's crackdown on the opposition this is inside.


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